69 – Developers


Sitting at work.

What to do.

I get an email.

Every time Story crashes I get an automated email.

My friend Claire has tried to make a story. She’s in Paris. I see all the pictures of Paris she’s taken. But the app failed to publish them. They’re lost now.

A developer could fix it. A few hours I bet.

“I tried.” she texts.

Fucking hate those crash report emails. They break my heart.

I want to shout about Story. Get people using it. But these problems… I can’t… Need it fixed.

Need a developer.

If you offered me a developer or a girl, I’d pick the developer.

The guy who helped with the last update. Tom. He did so much. Didn’t ask for a thing in return.

I wanted him to partner with us. A lot. But he’s gone and we’re back on our own.

I think back to the early days.

Meetings with Filippo. It was exciting. On the road, not looking back. Progress every day. It felt so great.

Like this is definitely what I should be filling my life with.

But we didn’t plan enough. Didn’t spec it enough. We left too many blind spots.

What to do.


I do a search. “iOS developer London”

About 40 people in the results. I google their names and find their websites. I email all of them.

Six replies, politely declining.

Two are interested.

Zero when they realise it’s not paid.

Back to square one.

I’m called to a meeting at work.

There’s about fifteen of us in the room. Two of the guys I’m introduced to are iOS developers. Two of them. Across the table from me.

My eyes widen. Pupils probably dilate. Just one of these guys is all I need.

What they can do is priceless. They can make what I need from thin air.

Developers are alchemists.

After the meeting I email one of them.

“Sorry mate, I really have no free time. It looks cool though.”

I email the other one.

He wants to meet.

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