71 – Failure

“Maybe have a long hard think, is this really what you want to do?”

I’d asked Shak, a massively successful investor and advisor, for help. I’d told him how I had no developer, no investor and no money for our half-built app. And that was his response.

Pissed me off.

I sit back and think about failure.

In the last six months I’ve been hunting for a developer to join Story. I’ve had a bunch of people show interest and then disappear. We even signed one guy into the company as an equal co-founder. It got that far! Then he got a promotion at work and bailed.

There’s now a few things out there in the same vein as Story. Medium, Steller and Storehouse. None of these guys were around when we started, now they’re here and with a load of investment.

Did we fail?

Nah. We didn’t fail, we just stopped.

Like, a half built car isn’t a failure. It’s just half built.

We didn’t stop because we failed, we stopped because our investor left us. Because we ran out of money. Because we can’t find a developer. Because…

Then it hits me.

I’ve always regarded failure as this final death-like thing that comes at the end.

But that’s not failure. It’s not a big full-stop at the end. It’s a thousand real on-going things that you ignore, overlook or simply can’t see.

have failed. And not once, but over and over. I failed to get Story to the point at which people could viably use it with our initial investment. I failed to find a developer to join our team after our investment ran out. I failed to create an attractive business plan and pitch for funding.

I always assumed if Story was going to fail it was because it, as a product, was going to fail. As in, people would use Story, not like it, so therefore it failed.

I never assumed it would be me that failed Story.

So maybe Shak is right.

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