73 – “On fire tonight”

“So I have used Apiary for a mocked API. I’ll probably implement it in Node and then route requests through to the BaaS of choice.” Paul types at his keyboard.

“Man, I’m loving Apiary,” Desmond replies, “the API documentation is sooo clean and you can even simulate REST calls right from the doc pages. Hang on…” he pauses, “iOS is having trouble deserializing this response.”

“Wait…” Paul takes a look, a beat passes, “I see the problem… No comma after password…”

“Frig I thought I was losing my mind!”

“Boom. My onboard JSON parser is on fire tonight.”

I have no idea what they’re talking about but I love this. Palms sweaty, on the edge of my seat like I’m watching a fucking hollywood blockbuster.

We’re flying.

We’d come up with a new app idea in four minutes. Paul said something. Desmond replied. I replied and blam, new idea.

And now we’re flying.

The three of us are a complete team. We can make the whole product. It wasn’t like this before. Before, me and Paul needed to start a company because we needed an investor because we needed to pay for an iOS developer. It all took time and cost money and meant we only had one shot.

It’s not like that now. Now there’s no money, no investor, no company. For now, it’s just us. It’s lean and that’s perfect.

And like Paul’s onboard JSON parser, we’re on fire.

I’m back.

The real me.

Not the broken, messed up me. The real fucking me. You should see it. Hope and restlessness wrapped in talent and arrogance. Almost indestrucible. The me with a star in my chest that’s about to explode.

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