66 – Countdown



Story launched a year ago on Christmas Eve. After one year, it has zero users and we haven’t pushed out a single update.


Our investor abandoned us making the planned development impossible. I spent the last of my money on an unproductive trip to San Francisco and outsourcing development to a woman in India.


My life crashed. I moved back in with my parents. It consumed me. Story was left static for months.


It feels as close to dead as it can get. I feel as close to dead as I can get.


But it’s not dead.


I’ve moved back to London. I found a developer who showed me how to replace all the image files. So I went crazy and redesigned everything, I made it pixel perfect. Something I never had a chance to do the first time round.


So there’s a new version of Story, sitting here. A total redesign coupled with some extra features. The next update of Story is exciting and…


… and I have a plan. It uses Story just as it is. It’s a great platform, even right now. The plan won’t cost us anything, and it will get people using it and loving it. I am so hopeful.


I still want it to exist so much. Still, one year later, no one has done anything this simple. It would be crazy to let it die. We’ve come so far. It takes so much work to turn an idea into a real thing and we’ve done that. Almost.


Happy new year

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