65 – There’s always a way


I always say that to myself. I know it’s a cliche but it’s one I say to myself because there always is. A way. I say it out loud, it’s probably as close to being religious as I get. Saying out loud there’s always a way. I’m fucking good at finding a way too.

Was moving a sofa into a mate’s basement the other day and it wouldn’t go. It was a nice pre-made one so it came in one piece and just wouldn’t go. PIVOT! All that shit. Mate was really stressed.

He was annoyed because I sat there, not stressed. We’d bought the thing back from London, drove it 40 miles and now couldn’t get it down the stairs.

“Why aren’t you stressed about this?”

“Because there’s always a way.” I said. If you just relax, the way always comes to you. Always. Never had the way not come to me.

So I sat, chilled out, and the way came to me. Flipped the thing over, stanley knived the hessian on its underside open, got him to pass me a spanner and found all the nuts and took the thing apart and remade it downstairs.

I mean, that’s an obvious way. Only took about ten minutes to find that one. But it was a way.

Always a way.

We could spend another 4k getting a couple more features in Story and it would take another three months. At the end of it, we still wouldn’t have any users.

That’s not a way.

That hasn’t been a way for almost a year now.

So I relaxed.

And found a new way.

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