46 – I see you


That’s it. Go on. Have a look. I see you. Looking straight forward but eyes straining down to the side. I can see you. In the reflection of the Tube carriage window. Eyes angled on my iPhone.

Don’t know what this app is do you? Like the look of those icons though don’t you? Yeah me too. Let me swipe through a load of them. I know you like that. Let me just tap this gorgeous tab here and you can watch the icons zoom off the screen.

Tap. Look at that. Did you just flinch? That’s just a little article I wrote. A picture at the top followed by a load of text. I’ll just pretend to read it for a second so you can have a look.

That’s not all. Let me just get back and, tap, look at that! A recipe! About some kind of tasty looking chicken pancetta dish. It wasn’t working yesterday but our coder has fixed the bugs and now it works perfectly. But you don’t know that do you. He’s called Filippo.

Here’s a photo story of Paul’s son. That’s right, this app can really do a lot. I see you, pretending to look at your phone but really looking at mine. I’ll edge my phone out so you don’t have to strain so hard. I see you. You’ll love playing with this. Soon.

We can’t wait for you to play with this.

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