51 – Chapter two


Here’s where we’re at.

Story was approved by Apple on Christmas Eve. We knew it wasn’t ready to start shouting about. It’s missing huge features that people expect but we ran out of time. We paid Filippo his invoice but ran short on the VAT which we’re paying off whenever we get spare money. Filippo’s being really cool about it.

Because of the missing features we’re only telling our friends about it. We have a feature list to get Story good enough for everyone to use. We’re looking into contracting the work overseas to finish it off. We’ve been in touch with about forty candidates. Although we’re still unsure where the money for this will come from.

We’ve worked so hard on this that it stings to see it stall but we’re not stopping now. That would be crazy.

Saw some girl in a gossip column the other morning, some daughter of some F1 guy. Loaded. Her bar tab for the night before was 30k. My face contorted staring at her drunken face just thinking, with 30k, we could change the world.

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