52 – Half of something great


“We’ve all got to work!”

That’s something my mum used to say when I’d sit at home not working.

“No one enjoys working!”

That’s what she used to say when I bitched about working.

“I never want to work for anyone other than myself!”

That’s what I used to say when I thought working for myself would invent itself from thin air. Unfortunately my career happened and here I am, ten years later, making someone else rich panicking about money.

Me and Paul, we’ve been charging ahead for so many months. It felt like we picked up so much momentum that we didn’t really need to try, just had to steer. But now we’re at a standstill. We have a half built product and no money. We’re frustrated.

I met with this guy called Tom. Tom’s the boyfriend of a girl I work with. He’s the CEO a web-based company (get this, they’ve even pitched to Ashton Kutcher, apparently Kutcher was real sharp and pulled apart their proposal – what a guy)

He shared a lot of his experiences which was amazing for me. He said how, for start-ups like us, the culture in London is way different to San Francisco. It would be so much easier if we were over there. And he mentioned this festival in San Francisco where you pitch at a bunch of investors. The deadline was a week ago – I entered anyway.

This is what we need to do now; we have a great idea, we have the talent to turn it into a real thing, like, it almost is a real thing, we just need to step into that world and show those people that we’re here and have something great. Well, half of something great.

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