53 – A great lead


My phone rings. It’s Paul. Good. I’ve been waiting for him to call all day. We had a great lead earlier but so far he’s been too busy to discuss it. Lead? Sorry, Dexter’s on in the background so I’m writing like a cop. I’m excited. I know Paul is too. It’s a great lead.

“Why are you excited?” Paul asks in a not excited voice.

“What? Why. Why d’you think?! What?” Why would he even ask why.

“Okay, okay, just checking you’re not on drugs.”

“No mate? What?”

“… Because drugs are bad.” Great, he’s doing his thing where he’s funny. “No, it’s good news.” he continues.

“Good? It’s fucking great! You’re coming right?”

“Yeah totally. We need to go over stuff this weekend before we meet him.”

“Totally. We need hair cuts. Fuck it, might buy some new clothes.”

“I liked how he actually watched the video.”

“I know right. He actually agreed Story could be the future of publishing.”

“Yeah, this is good. At Soho House, too. That’s good.”

“Yeah, I like that. I mean, I said we should meet for lunch, but, you know lunch meetings, trying to talk to someone, haven’t met them before, food in your mouth, all busy and you’ve only got an hour. Fuck that. Soho House. 9am. That’s nice. That’s what you want.”

“A guy like this wouldn’t waste his time unless he actually saw something in it.”

At worst this meeting is going to be very useful. At best it’s going to be life changing.

To be continued.

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