55 – Ramping up

Three things:

1. So long, Filippo

We can no longer afford Filippo’s rates. I’m gutted. He just did it good, you know?

We were hesitant but decided to out-source some work to a girl in India called Jasmeet. Set her a little job and she was great.

We don’t have much money so we’re gonna get Jasmeet to code one other big feature to keep things moving. But if we want anything else done, we’re gonna need money and, for money, we’re gonna need…

2. The Business Plan

“So what’s your company valued at?”

“Well, like, Instagram got bought for a billion dollars, so who can say what we’ll be worth? You know, it could be priceless… You know, this is gonna be huge…” is what not to say to a guy who might have invested in us.
We need a business plan. No matter how fabricated they seem. We want serious money so we have to be serious about other people’s money.

I’ve been working on a business plan for the last month. I now have an answer if you ask me how much our company is valued at. I can tell you which month is the first we’ll make money in or how many users we’ll have. I’ve stopped seeing it as made up guesswork and am confident I have tight estimates built on a lot of research.

And you know what I’m gonna do with the Story business plan?

3. San Francisco

I’m going to San Francisco.

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