16 – Anger II


Filippo sends me and Paul a message like, “Sorry guys to stress about this, but do you have any news on the company?”

That’s it. I whip open the last email from Lawyer Chris and get the phone number from it. I tap it into my phone, stand up from my desk and storm somewhere quiet where my boss can’t hear me setting up a company. Their switchboard answers and asks me who it is I am wanting. I hang up, jog back to my desk, read the fucking name on the email and walk fast back again while redialing.

“And whom may I ask is calling?”


“And which company are you with?”

“… Team Story.”

I’d never said ‘Team Story’ out loud before. Weird. It sounded weird. I wondered if she thought it sounded weird.

“Okay, I’ll put you through.”

“Hello?” Posh female voice.

“Hi, Elizabeth?”


“Yeah, it’s Simon from… Team Story. How’s it all coming along? We’re all getting a bit restless.”

“Well, we’re just waiting on some final details that you didn’t fill in on the form.”

This annoyed me. So we skipped something out on the form. Like, yeah, that’s our fault. But what, they were just never going to tell us? Just never set the company up ever? Never get back to us? Isn’t it their job to get back to us and sort it out?

So we have some questions to answer and after that Team Story is officially a thing.

Like what the?

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